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Help your digestion and support your immune system.


30 Capsules

SynergyDefense® is a blend of 115,868 pure Non-GMO High Stability Plant Enzymes, Lactobacillus, Prebiotics, and Antioxidants to help break down milk, fats, carbohydrates, proteins, and sugars, resulting in healthier digestion and a boost to the immune system.

Prebiotic ingredients help stimulate the natural formation of good bacteria, helping your body maintain its natural defenses and maintaining a healthier intestinal tract.

In addition, SynergyDefense® includes essential plant enzymes that may help improve the digestion and absorption of certain foods.


Customer Reviews


Louie, MI, US

I have always had issues with digestion and bloating this product has helped me so much!

Mary, IL, US

Cold and Flu season is upon us already starting to stock up as this is a GREAT product to keep me healthy

Ronnie, GA, US

Digestion has always been an issue for me. Anything I ate made me feel bloated and gross. Synergy has helped my body digest so I don't feel bloated and horrible after eating food. Feel so much better since I started using the products!

Eva, TX, US

I had heartburn on a regular basis. When I took Synergy for a month all my heartburn symptoms disappeared. Thank you, PureTrim, for coming out with such a great product.

Jeanette, CA, US

This is a great product! It really helps with digestion.

In-Depth Info

Learn more about the powerful ingredients in SynergyDefense!

Probiotics: SynergyDefense® contains special 'stable' microencapsulated Lactobacillus sporogenes, for maximum survival in reaching the digestive tract.

Enzymes: If your digestion is compromised, so is your health. SynergyDefense® contains the right type of plant enzymes, which can improve the digestion and breakdown of milk, carbohydrates, fats, sugars, and proteins.*

Antioxidants: There are specific antioxidants in SynergyDefense® which promote your health and vitality.*

Prebiotics: SynergyDefense® contains prebiotic ingredients designed to help stimulate the natural growth of good bacteria, helping your body to become more self-sufficient.*